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Full moon drum circle and Coconut Groove drum circle

I hope you’re ready for the next couple of days events.
First off, the Full moon drum circle is tomorrow Friday April 6, 2012. Hopefully we’ll get some clear and breeze skies for the full moon spectacle.
This weekend also, Saturday April 7th, 2012, you can head down to Coconut Groove for the first Saturday of every month drum circle.
Check event’s details on their individual pages from menu.

As always, The Broward drum circle is this Saturday at the Fern Forest Nature Park more info on drum circle’s page.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a weekend filled with drum activities you might like to check out Paralounge:
20th Paralounge Drum Gathering April 27-29, 2012 Camp Kiwanis Silver Springs Florida.
$55.00 per person ( children 12 & under are free!) Pay upon arrival…

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Full moon drum circle Miami and Key biscayne

Hey there,
Hope you’re preparing for the following full moon.
As Peter Gabriel wisely writes :
“It’s an easy way to remember you only have to look up at the sky and if the moon is getting full you know that its time to check in on what we are doing.”
Perhaps you can start the introspection with some healing vibrations:

Next Friday, check out the Full moon drum circle at Miami beach. Check out the page for more info

If you are looking for an alternative celebration, I strongly recommend the Virginia Key full moon drum circle. Check out the audio and video samples in the blog. This event keeps growing. Good dancers and drummers. Worth the toll and trip.
Saturday February 19, 2011 from 6 to 9 PM. Door closes at 6:30, so make sure you get there early. 4020 Virginia Beach Drive. Virginia Key, Miami, FL

Last but not least,
Full Moon Drum Circle with Eric Bli Bi Gore Friday February 18, 2011 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm Pompano Community Park, 2001 NE 10th St Pompano Beach, FL

Master drummer from the Ivory Coast Eric Bli Bi Gore will give a Djembe – drum class from 8:00 to 9:00pm. Then drum circle – jam after the class. **Eric and I will bring some extra drums to share ( if anyone else can that would help ).** **** donation excepted for class ( thanks for your help Eric )

Full moon November 2010 | Drum activities around South Florida

Hello everybody,
I hope you guys are preparing yourself for Turkey day! But wait, there’s a full moon drum circle this weekend, and It’s in Stereo!
You might be already aware of the Miami beach Drum circle party, well, the good people of the Virginia Key Park is organizing another drum circle event. Here is the info:
Full moon eve at Historic Virginia Key Park
Saturday, November 20 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm. Be sure to get inside the park at 6PM since park doors close at 6:30PM
This is a Drug Free, Alcohol Free, Smoke Free event.
This is a Hand-Drum circle. Frame drums and the bottom end bass drums like dunns or surdos are welcome, but please leave the timbales, snares and drum sets at home for this one. Bring your own seating.
The Historic Virginia Key Beach Park 4020 Virginia Beach Drive on Virginia Key Miami, FL

Like every full moon night and eve, Full moon drum circle in Miami beach, South Florida
Also check out the Pompano Beach Drum circle

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Full moon drum circle + Bagua
24 June 2010, 1:33 PM
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Hope you’re doing fine. Keep those drums loud!
Tomorrow is the Full moon’s eve on Miami beach, and on Saturday, the full moon.
Check out the Full moon drum circle miami and miami beach page on the menu at the left.

Also, tomorrow night the wonderful Bagua drum circle:
Friday Bagua Drum Circle 4736 NE 2nd Ave, Miami 9-11PM seating provided in the beautiful garden
we play inside if it’s wet out OK to bring cool refreshing beverages.

Then on Sunday you can plan a visit to the Hollywood drum circle and potluck:
Sunday 27 @ Holland Park, Main Level of Waterfront Tower EVERY 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month! Sunday 3:30pm – Park Closes, or when we get tired. 801 Johnson Street Hollywood, FL 33019 – Belly-Dancers welcome! – Wheel-Chair accessible ramp on Tower! – Free Parking! – Open Restrooms on premises!

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Rhythm Ownership
6 August 2009, 8:36 AM
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I’ve always wonder about rhythm and music ownership. A drummer, a performer a musician might perform for the crowd, but this is ultimately a mistake. An artist at any level and age should perform for himself regardless of what other people say. Sure, some people are crowd pleasers, but that doesn’t change the fact about why there’s an intention for music or art from the artist in the first place.
The rhythm ownership then is subject to what type of property law? Since we are born, everything carries a name tag on the side, the hospital you were deliver, the bed where your mother gave birth, the watch the delivery doctor was wearing to calculate your contractions, the flowers that were given to your family when you cried for the first time in this earth.
A rhythm is a different manner, to own it, you have to conquer it first, and this might just be for an instance.
No ownership is more fragile than the music one, once you stop there’s no rhythm, no music, no nothing. Many can come behind you, and even play the exact same phrase but it’s never the same, as with our fingerprints, those expressions are unique and irreproducible.
Is the music yours? Does it belong to your listeners? Are the sound waves carved with your copyright infringement on them ??

Yesterday I went to the full moon drum circle in 79th and Collins, I’m not sure why but everyone thinks they own the place. While playing with Angelo, and playing in ‘threes’, something many drummers are not comfortable with, an old guy feels important enough to interrupt everyone and tells me to ‘hear’ the other drummers. Well, that precisely what I was doing, even with only 4 people playing. He went on to say that I wasn’t playing musically, mind you he was playing a single egg shaker, and that gave him the authority to interrupt everyone to tell them what to do.
I’ve never consider myself an expert drummer, I ain’t that good and even If I were I wouldn’t call myself that, but why someone without any idea decides what’s music and what’s not? Not only to find an extra set of drunk people that would pretend to tell you what to play… Those are the worst, while you’re playing the approach you with their current DUI and exclamate loudly to your ear the rhythm combination they’re expecting you to play.
I’m sorry Mr aficionado, but the answer is no. Never again. No drum no say, It’s that easy. Unless you’re invited to play on my drum, get the hell away from it, and from me too…
I see it this way:
Drummers play for themselves, and for fellow drummers. Dancers are an extra that’s always welcome and appreciated – It means that what you’re playing is good enough for someone to dance to – like a plan that blossoms and shares its flowers to you.

Nobody owns the rhythm, it’s as simple as that. Nobody owns the drum circle. You might send an email to remind people about it, but that’s it, not even when you get an illegal vendor selling wraps in the middle of the night at the beach.
Ownership is a complicated issue…

This weekend:
Broward drumcircle, Hollywood drm circle and the last Matthew Hill class at Miami beach

Full moon over South Florida

So once again we approach the full moon and all the dancers and drummers await the full moon drum circle at the beach. Next Sunday, Jun 7th and the eve, previous day. Play according to mother nature and leave no trace after you’re done. More info at the Full moon miami beach drum circle page

Soon we’ll have the Tequesta Drum/Dance/Fire Circle Celebration Summer Solstice ~ 2009. Sunday, June 21, 2009 from Sunset to Midnight at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park 3109 E. Sunrise Blvd. Ft Lauderdale FL 33304
at the Primitive Camp Area hosted by Moonpath Circle:

BRING your Drums, Drums Drums for ALL levels of drummers Come synchronize rhythm Before the great Fire At the Tequesta Circle
more info at Moonpathcircle

Make sure you check out the Full moon Pompano beach drum circle page too

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Full moon drum circle – February 9th
6 February 2009, 10:39 AM
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At last February drum circle is upon us. Next Monday, the full moon drum circle would be held in the glorius beaches of Miami beach. If you plan to go, please plan ahead the clothes and protection for the current chilly nights in South Florida. More info at the Miami drums full moon circle page . It’s becoming a tradition for some people to also leave their comments after drumming, so all type of constructive critique is welcome.

Also this weekend:
Hollywood Drum Circle/Picnic, on Saturday the 8th at 3:00 pm – Holland Park – Main Level of Waterfront Tower, 801 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL 33019 – 954-889-8615

Broward drum circle – click here for broward info

And two Sundays from next one, we have, once again the Virginia Key Drum circle. I was fortunate to play for a little while on the last one. I’m posting some pictures I took from the drum circle.

Virginia Key drum circle

Virginia Key drum circle

Virginia Key drum circle

Virginia Key drum circle

Joe playing iphone Kalimba and jam blocks

Joe playing iphone Kalimba and jam blocks

Virginia Key drum circle

Virginia Key drum circle

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Miami beach full moon weekend September 13 14 15
12 September 2008, 12:59 PM
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drum circle at the beachYes, the full moon approaches, and that means that the Miami Beach full moon circle is around the corner.
Check the full moon page for more info.
Have in mind, respect the beach and everybody around you [ Even the people that would enjoy it the morning after the percussion feast] and be careful with the things you take to the beach. Trashcans can be full, and leaving dangerous glass and aluminum cans on the sand is not an option.

Also, Earthdance is this weekend. Saturday September 13 from 9 pm
There’s a $20 charge fee, I think is less if you RSVP. Many good local bands play that night, their page doesn’t mention anything about a drum circle… hope someone can clarify this!

and last,
I’m posting a new page with all the videos produced for the blog. Hope to have more time to produce a couple more. Have fun this weekend, take care.

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