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Full moon drum circle Miami & Miami Beach
26 February 2007, 8:35 PM
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Next Full Moon for 2014 – August 10th , 2014

Full moon drum circle party is commonly held between 85st and 79th St. That’s on the wonderful sands of Miami beach, around Collins Ave. Serious drummers attend to the Full moon eve, since less people is aware of the previous day celebration. Both days, Full moon and full moon eve are filled with music (and people) playing and dancing.
Beware that last time police disrupted drum activities very early on. Many people use this opportunity to drink (which is prohibited) and use some other substances (also prohibited) on the occasion. Drum circle people try to stay away from all this, since their main intention is to have fun and a monthly day to play with fellow drummers.
Since then both events start earlier to avoid police intervention and angry neighbors [8:30 - 9:00 PM]


Update from Mark…

at Collins & 85th (or somewhere thereabouts).

I plan enter through the park gate at 85th before sunset (sunset is around 8PM) while it is still open and hope that I’ll be able to use that park gate when I leave around 11 or 12.

Police and park security are turning this into an adventure. I know one guy who got arrested for an outstanding warrant on a traffic ticket that he had paid long ago, another who got arrested for peeing in the bushes, and that’s just what has happened to the people I know. There are also reports about the circle is ending up in different places, anywhere from 75th to 85th. Some people found it last month, and some didn’t. Good luck, everyone (and don’t give the cops a hard time – you won’t win that one).

UPDATE from Diego – May 16th, 2008

If you grow tired of the police chasing you down while drumming on the beach, you can always attend the Naomi’s Garden of Poets, drum circle:
Join us at Moonchine for our monthly “Full Moon Party” May 19th 2008 starting around 8pm. decadent sushi, drink specials and a sexy atmosphere… dj open format & drum circle at the fire back patio
bring your drums and DJ’s bring your records. free parking 305.759.3999 7100 Biscayne Blvd., 33138


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220 Comments to “Full moon drum circle Miami & Miami Beach”

  1. O-man says:

    Drum circles do take place, every full moon… or blue.
    this last one rocked!

  2. AL says:

    I am planning a family trip to Miami Beach from Toronto Dec 22-26, 2012. Please let me know where we can experience Drum Circle party. Thank you in advance.

  3. Sophia lastra says:

    What day is full moon this months please I’m a little confuse ! Thanks

  4. Camila says:

    Hey guys! Do any of you know who I can get in contact for a birthday celebration before December 18? I am turning 19 years old and I want a drum circle to happen for my birthday. My email is

  5. mary rey says:

    pls add my email to your list, would like to come, thanks

  6. ShaleseMaria says:

    Hey, hey coming in from Chicago for a few days and def. curious to check this out. How should I dress for this time of year evening Miami?
    also, if you can, please add me to your email list.

  7. ShaleseMaria says:

    Hey, hey coming in from Chicago for a few days and def. curious to check this out. How should I dress for this time of year evening Miami?
    also, if you can, please add me to your email list.
    Thank you

  8. [...] The area between 79th and 81st streets on Collins Avenue in Miami was once the spot for Miami’s full moon drum circles. To check back for their 2013 schedule or to learn more about fire dancing, drum circles, and more, go to their main website. [...]

  9. nico says:

    Hey guys
    I been to the full moon drum circle in broward. And I love it. I would like to go this coming up on Monday Feb. 25. But I have 2 questions
    1) At what time does it start?
    2) Im not familiar with the street address. Is close to what area meaning anything familiar. Like Any mall o something like it?
    Please email me
    Thank you

  10. O-man says:

    Tonight, night before full moon. everyones invited to jam along @ 79th, see ya there.

  11. Michelle says:

    Hi guys is this still going on tonight? What about the weather? Can you tell me what street, where to park, and where time it starts? This would be my first time going :)

  12. AL says:

    Im going up around 11 hope theres some people there and maybe a marley or 2

  13. Eugenia says:

    Hello drummers!!!

    Bala Vinyasa Yoga studio is looking for a drummer to perform on our full moon yoga class March 27th at 7:30pm. Please contact us ASAP if you are interested. Namaste!

    Bala Team!

  14. AnaC says:

    Just want to confirm if Drum Circle is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26th

  15. Anu Kaul says:

    Pls add me to ur email list. When is the next drum circle?

  16. Yoe says:

    Hi when is the next drum circle?? love to go, please add me to your email list. thanks :)

  17. Fritz on the Sax says:

    We doing a drum cirle tonight for pre full moon? or only tomorrow ?

  18. Nahuel says:

    Drum circle tonight???? April 26 ? A lot of people wanting to come tonight

  19. Carolina says:

    I went to the one in April and it was amazing as that night was pink full moon- not visible with the named eye but the vibes and the ocean water temperature , the soft breeze it was truly magical. I got to 79th 10 ish and musicians kept pouring in and letting out there feelings through whatever instrument they brought! Love it can’t wait till the next one- hope that the merge of long weekend goers won’t ruin the purpose of this night:) got some nice pics

  20. chaz says:

    full moon drum circle happens tonight may24 and tomorrow may 25?
    or is it may25 and may 26th?

  21. Orejon says:

    Sunday June 23rd’s gathering was fantastic, even with the rain. Can’t wait for the next one!

  22. Rubens says:

    Please, remove this website from the net. I’ve been there twice after a log trip to get there to find out that this is not taking place anymore for a long time. What you profiting from this?

  23. O-Man says:

    Hello out there… would like to invite all, lets to do a Daft Punk Drum Circle this July!

  24. Richard says:

    Last for Moon drum Circle was a Magical Success with serious drummers and Fire Spinners. The drunks and riff-raff start spilling in about 11:00 and that’s usually when the fire spinners start winding down.

  25. O-Man says:

    1. Drum Circle before full moon is way more tame.
    2. Would like to recomend to bring a drum.
    3. Have fun…your prayers to the stars will be heard.
    Thanks to all Drummers.

  26. Suzanne says:

    Please add me to email list

  27. monica says:

    is there a full moon circle tonight? Sep, 18, 2013?

  28. Drew says:

    Is there a drum circle tomorrow the 18th if so where ?

  29. carina says:

    Will the drum circle be tonight the 18th? The high tide is really bad around the beaches. I would love to attend the circle…please reply when and where it will take place

  30. Lucy says:

    Is there a drum circle tomorrow Saturday the 19th?

  31. Anon Girl says:

    I want to go, but I’m a single female and don’t have anyone to go with. Will I be safe?

  32. Anthony says:

    Thanks, A very useful information .

  33. Matt says:

    Hi. Is there going to be a circle tomorrow and if so, where? Thx, Matt!

  34. mike says:

    will there be a drum circle tonight?

  35. Bobby says:

    drum circle tonight ??? despite the cold… happening or no?

  36. jay says:

    Will there be a drum circle tonight?

  37. Agustin says:

    I want to go tonight with my gf, but im not sure where exactly will be as people talk about different adresses. Also what should we wear? Thank you and hope to see you!

  38. Daniel says:

    Last Night was something amazing, what a night. I celebrated my birthday there with unknown people. Play drums, share some drinks, and enjoyed the show.

  39. shaun says:

    I am planning my Florida trip around one of these jams…Its been about 6yrs since I’ve joined in one…O man do I miss these!! I used to play at the Ft. Lauderdale beach full moon as well…can….not….wait!!

  40. roxy lopez says:

    I want to go tom night

  41. sura says:

    I planned a trip for the 29th of April hoping to catch the drum circle;(

  42. Yami says:

    What time is the drum circle starting tonight

  43. Ines says:

    Want to head out to the drum circle on the beach please advise what time & where? Thank you

  44. Maria says:

    Is the drum circle held on the 15th? Or in the weekend? Hope to be able to attend it, thanks!

  45. Roni says:

    Will there be a drum circle tonight?

  46. John Stenger says:

    Is the drum Circle happening tonight, looks like heavy rain and its 6:30pm Friday Night!

  47. a martinez says:

    Is there another drum circle tonight.

  48. Leyla Launica says:

    We went to the one last night and it was incredible! Been to many before but this one was filled with more ppl and the energy was so positive… I guess cause it was a “Super Moon” (Moon closest to Earth, only happens 3 times a yr).

    ***Will there be one tonight? ***

    • Monique Hernandez says:

      Hi Leyla! What street was it held on?? :)

      • Leyla LaUnica says:

        The entrance on 79th & Collins ave…
        Once on the beach, can’t miss it.

        I’m walking distance so I’ll be yelling your name the entire night! … lol
        “Moooooonique Herrrrrnandez!!!”

      • Leyla LaUnica says:

        Make sure to go on Sunday!

  49. Ker says:

    Full moon party tonight? Or Sunday only?

    Come on it’s Saturday night >)

  50. jessica says:

    i would like to do a drum circle for a toddler birthday party. how can i make this happen?

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