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Haulover Beach – clothing optional drum circle
27 February 2007, 9:25 AM
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Last Sunday I ventured into Haulover beach. It was the first time I attended this drum-circle. I was happy by the fact that It was relatively close to my house, so I put my little Djembe [Buda] on my car and drove to the beach. Directions were very sketchy, tunnel crossing and a ‘shelter’ section were my only aid, and supposedly were the drum-circle was going to be held at.
After reaching Vincent on his cellphone, he directed me to where the drum-circle was, or it was supposed to happen.
Vincent:-“After the brown gate, look for the Tiki!“- I could only see a small fence very far away on the horizon, and I suspected that the fence was the “gate” he was referring to.
To my surprise, the fence divides the beach between the optional clothing section and the, lets call it normal beach area.
I must confess this was the first one for me…Not many people showed up for the drum-circle, well at least people with drums, and clothes on… I guess that after a while I just concentrated on my drumming skills and stopped looking around… Kind of chewing gum and walking at the same time.
There wasn’t any seating available so you have to get your own.
If You go:
Next drum circle is going to be March 25th, and I’m afraid I’m not going to make it to that one.
It’s at the end of Haulover beach, the north side where clothing is optional. You can find Vincent on one of the Tikis – If you are coming from South, It’s the first one, after crossing the fence.

4 Comments to “Haulover Beach – clothing optional drum circle”

  1. poichick says:

    What time for the 3/25 circle, and is it a fire-friendly gathering?

  2. Diego A says:

    I doubt fire is permitted. Drum circle starts at 1 Pm.

  3. Yves says:

    Seeing that nice sunny pic makes me want to show up for one of your drum circles!!

    It’s cold up here on the east coast of Canada.



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