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Celebrate 4th of July. Drum events.
3 July 2008, 9:34 AM
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Marvina writes:
4 of JULY DRUM-CIRCLE 8:30pm till… 600-88 St. Miami Beach FL, 33154 – LET’S CEREBRATE OUR INDEPENDENT JOY TO BE ALIVE! @ MARIVANA’S HOUSE (italian singer & composer –, DRINKS & GOOD FRIENDS

Reach 88st and Collins Ave (Miami Beach) turn WEST, go up 3 streets till Carlyle Ave make a LEFT
it’s the only house on de right side of the dead end on the bay bring your drum or hand instrument
flamenco and belly dancers WELCOME !!!

All Are Welcome Please Just Bring Something to Share

Hollywood Drum Circle / BBQ – Date: Friday July 4th, 2008 – Time: 3:00 pm – ? Location: Holland Park in Hollywood – Street: 801 Johnson Street – City State Zip: Hollywood, FL 33019 – Phone: 954-889-8615 – Notes: Good people, good vibes, good food, AWESOME beats!! @ Holland Park, Main Level of Waterfront Tower 801 Johnson Street Hollywood, FL 33019

The Garden of Eatin’ @ 136 NW 62 St in Miami, a vegetarian restaurant, is holding a Music Festival this Saturday (7/5). 4-6PM – various artists (Sean Dibble maybe, and who knows who else – there are some great performers in this neighborhood) at 6PM, Melting Pot, followed by Mantra, followed by Dragon – at 8:30 Open Drum Circle – BRING YOUR DRUM! Come early and grab a bite before the drum circle. This community is one of Miami’s treasures. for info: Mrs Brown 305-754-8050

And also this weekend, Sunday at 2 Pm Delou African ensemble host a special drum workshop at FIU North Campus. Workshop is $12.

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Visit at Jonathan Dickinson state park
7 April 2008, 11:22 AM
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Jonathan Dickinson state park view Today I’m including a new category inside

Last weekend my wife gave me a birthday present by going to the Jonathan Dickinson state park up in Jupiter Florida. About two months ago, in the middle of a work related crisis, I comment her of how wonderful and nice would be to go to a park, and be sorrounded by nature and not much else. To walk on the country side and forget about our daily routines. That not only stroke a chord on my, but I think it also did for her. So on a beautiful Saturday morning, she was driving up north on I-95 without me knowing what was going on.
At first I realized that Buda – that’s how I call my Djembe – and my other drum were inside the car. So I thought we were spending the day at the broward drum circle, but once we passed the airport I started to suspect otherwise.

Jonathan Dickinson state park turtoiseThe Park:
We stayed on the camping close to the river. If you go I seriously recommend you to go to this area. It’s close to the cabin site, and concession store- The park also has cabins with A/C. Each camping parcel had running water and a electricity socket – as well as a grill.
I’m still amazed on how people behave in a national park, or around nature protected areas. Once you enter the park, we were greeted by a very sweet park ranger who gave us a lot of information on the hiking trails and activities. Because of park’s eco-system, it’s not allowed to burn, use / take any dead wood, but sadly people disregard this. Some guy try to burn down a green tree for its wood – The concession store sells wood at a moderated price.

Drumming on camp siteDrums:
We drummed a little. Question to all readers out there. Is it true what they say about snakes being attracted to low frequencies?. My djembe has a very deep and low bass tone, and when we were playing, a black snake appeared from the bushes behind us. My wife freaked out and so did the snake, it was gone in 1second…
We then continue playing for about 20 more minutes, two kids came to see us play, some other grown ups too. They were all too shy to sit down with us and try the drums, but we kept offering them to do so, until a lady with three children ask us to stop – mind you, it was about 5 Pm. We have asked the park rangers about rules and regulations, and they told us that It was fine and allowed. Yes, I didn’t like her attitude, the kids wanted us to continue, but not the mom. So we were polite enough to stop 😉 and moved our drumming party to the picnic area. By then, it was getting darker and decided to call the night

I’m looking forward to go to Paralounge this year. Is anybody planning to go too ?

The Miami beach drum circle – love and hate story
10 December 2007, 10:50 AM
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miami beach full moon drum circleIn the past few weeks a group of people have started a new internet group at Yahoo! called: “Miami beach Full moon circle”. This group was created to discuss and resolve the problems around the drum circle’s police intervention. If you haven’t attended any of the full moon drum circles, you might missed the beach patrol people closing down the beach and moving everybody out of the beach – that is city property-.
I myself had contacted on a previous attempt, some city officials for the display of art in a public place. Due to the nature of the zone planning in Miami beach, it seemed not feasible at that time, the use of a public park due to the possible noise complains… So, they suggested the beach, and the 85th st park, since it’s away from a dense populated area, and the noise produced by the drums is barely audible across the street trhough Collins’s Ave heavy traffic.

I think that the best solution for this issue involves an agreement between the drum circle people and city auhtorities, a definition of rules, of what’s possible and what’s is not. Perhaps it would be wise to create a document of intention by the Miami beach drum circle, and have it signed by all the drum circle enthusiast. I even see this as an opportunity by the city, since I have seen many curious turist approaching the full moon beaches to hear and experience the drum circles.

Drum circle Miami – December 2007
29 November 2007, 10:29 AM
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Drumming circle – Saturday 3-5 PM Open drum circle at Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove.
Bring your drum!

The Farm on Sunday 7PM

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Mad Hatter Art Festival November 2007
7 November 2007, 12:03 PM
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Open drum circle Saturday 11/10 and Sunday 11/11 from 1 to 4PM both days in the shady grove along the pathway to The Barnacle (across Main Highway from the intersection with Commodore Plaza).
This is an open drum circle with The Djonga Kembe. The music will be rich! Come drum. Come dance. Wear a funny hat. There will be some extra drums.
and also:

Open drum circle & picnic on the beach at Key Biscayne’s Crandon Park on Sunday, November 11th, from 2 – 6pm

Thanks to Mark Richards for the information.

Location update for Mad hatter:
2982 Grand Ave, Coconut groove

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