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Coconut Groove drum circle
26 February 2007, 8:38 PM
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Update: Mar 1st, 2012

The Coconut Groove drum circle is being held the first Saturday of every month at Mayfair Promenade (Florida Ave & Rice St) in Coconut Grove. Usually is close to the fountain. Previous location, at Fiorentino plaza, has been discarded due to the ever growing number of individuals attending the circle. It usually starts at 7PM and it can last between 3 to 4 HS. I usually post event’s remainder at the home page as well as post drum circle recordings.

Update: May 19th, 2008

The Coconut groove drum circle is not currently being held. Some people are attending the Sunday Oak Groove park circle or Legion’s park

Coconut groove drum circle is organized by Mark Richards, from the Miami drums Yahoo! Group.
It used to be held across the street from out of Africa every Sunday at noonish (1 -2 Pm) but It got moved back to Peacock park every Saturday at 4 Pm

April 18, 2007 update

I’m updating the Coconut groove drum circle with its latest time & location at the Kennedy Park – Coconut groove, 2400 S Bayshore Dr Miami, FL 33133. It starts this Sunday 5 PM.

July 12, 2007 Update

Coconut groove drum circle goes back to its original location down in Peacock Park. Times are the same. Depending on the weather, we’ll use the boardwalk area or the small shelter roof section.
Bring your own seating!

July 20, 2007 Update.

Yes more changes, drum circle at Peacock Park would be every Saturday from now on – [That’s a sad news for me since I won’t be able to make it on that day, but I hope it’s a fantastic news to you!]
Location and concept remains the same, bring your drum and seating! 😀

18 Comments to “Coconut Groove drum circle”

  1. Diego W says:

    From Rene:
    Here are photos from the 3/25/07 Drum Circle at Peacock Park:

  2. Brad says:

    Will the drum circle be on Sat at 4 as mentioned above or Sunday?

  3. John Luke says:

    Please join me in thanking Mark Richards, also recently crowned as ” King Mango ” for organizing the drum circle in Coconut Grove on week ends. IT IS A BLAST!!!! ( and i am sure everybody that attended so far will share this feeling ).Hope to see you all there soon. JLP

  4. Mark Richards says:

    The Coconut Grove drum circle is moving around. Too often in the same spot has drawn noise complaints. Moving around gives some relief to the person (we’re pretty sure that it’s only one person) who complained. We’ll be back in Peacock Park in few weeks; but not every weekend. This Sunday’s drum circle is at Kennedy Park on Bayshore at 5PM. I say 5 PM because that’s when I plan to get there. The drum circle actually starts when the first drummer arrives and begins to drum. That could be anyone (you?) at 3 or 4.

  5. Brad says:

    Sorry to miss you. This Sunday I’ll be at EarthFest for Earth Day
    and I invite you to bring the drums over there.

  6. Beth says:

    I have attended the drum circle at the beach a couple of times but I’m really glad to find a group that meets more often than once a month. Thank you Mark Richards, anyway, can some one please tell me where you are planing to meet the next couple of weeks(late may, early june)?

  7. Diego W says:

    Hi Beth,
    The coconut groove drum circle is held every Sunday Around 5 Pm in Kennedy Park. It only gets suspended if weather conditions are not safe [Tropical Storm advisories, hurricanes, etc]

  8. Miami Drums says:

    […] Coconut Groove drum circle […]

  9. Mark says:

    The Floating Drum in Miami will convene Saturday (9/1/07) from 5 to 7PM Peacock Park in Coconut Grove next to the playground. Bring your drum. Bring your own seating

  10. Sam says:

    Is the drum circle on for April 2008? If so what are dates, times & locations.

  11. pati says:

    Hi you all,
    I was futunate enough to play (tried to play with you) a while ego. I went to Peacock Park and did not find you. Could you please tell me your meeting place and time or a contact phone number.

  12. Aldo says:

    hey do these still go on? i was thinking of startiung a drum circle in cocunut grove every sunday but i didnt know they already were happening.

    • Argonaut says:

      Hi Aldo,
      Coconut groove is not being held at this time. Starting a drum circle is a great idea. I might suggest you to do it first once a month instead of every Sunday until you have enough people attending and familiar with location.
      If you decide to do it, I’d be happy to post it on the event calendar.
      Let us know…


  13. cristine says:

    when and where will your next drum circle?

  14. Javier says:

    Anyone in Coconut Grove interested in restarting a local drum circle on Saturdays or Sundays, give me a ring 305-450-9219

  15. Hi guys!
    I’m looking to buy a Djembe and am really excited about it, but not sure which website to buy it from X8, djembe direct etc, any suggs? or good/bad experiences? Thanks!

  16. cuca says:

    are ppl drumming this saturday?

  17. Ray says:

    A pow-wow! LOL!!!

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