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The Miami beach drum circle – love and hate story
10 December 2007, 10:50 AM
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miami beach full moon drum circleIn the past few weeks a group of people have started a new internet group at Yahoo! called: “Miami beach Full moon circle”. This group was created to discuss and resolve the problems around the drum circle’s police intervention. If you haven’t attended any of the full moon drum circles, you might missed the beach patrol people closing down the beach and moving everybody out of the beach – that is city property-.
I myself had contacted on a previous attempt, some city officials for the display of art in a public place. Due to the nature of the zone planning in Miami beach, it seemed not feasible at that time, the use of a public park due to the possible noise complains… So, they suggested the beach, and the 85th st park, since it’s away from a dense populated area, and the noise produced by the drums is barely audible across the street trhough Collins’s Ave heavy traffic.

I think that the best solution for this issue involves an agreement between the drum circle people and city auhtorities, a definition of rules, of what’s possible and what’s is not. Perhaps it would be wise to create a document of intention by the Miami beach drum circle, and have it signed by all the drum circle enthusiast. I even see this as an opportunity by the city, since I have seen many curious turist approaching the full moon beaches to hear and experience the drum circles.

3 Comments to “The Miami beach drum circle – love and hate story”

  1. Jordan says:

    I second that proposition! The beach drum circle must go on! It’s a nice reprieve and it’s set in a perfect location at night.

  2. Windstock Anarchy says:

    Drum circle people defies definition.
    NO rules. Guidelines maybe.
    “document of intention”
    Then what, contracts, permits, MTV, Art Basel, admission, rent a cops?
    I’m sure the city knows all about 85th and Collins. I would maybe try to come to some understanding for that spot on full moon. Otherwise if asked to leave by the laws, I will
    go. I’m a drummer, not a laywer, not a politician, not in a uniform looking for a war.
    The best goverment is no goverment at all.

  3. FULL MOON DRUMS MUST GO ON! I spend most of my days adding the myspace people. Passing out flyers to the Drum Circle. People can express themselfs freely and the goverment fucks it up? No one has gotten hurt going to the bonfire, no one has died, nothing drastical has happened. So now the goverment want to kill the only time we get to express ourselfs? Man bullcrap. I will definately help yall fight this. No matter in what means, the Full moon is staying alive.

    –Visit myspace

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